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This whitepaper series will show you how PolicyPak can maximize your control over your system.

Jeremy Moskowitz former Group Policy MVP

Jeremy Moskowitz
Microsoft MVP
Enterprise Mobility

What Most Group Policy Admins Don’t Know About Application Management

You love Group Policy, and you love Group Policy Preferences. With over 40 “superpowers” Group Policy and Group Policy Preferences are an administrator’s most powerful weapon in desktop management.

Group Policy and Group Policy Preferences can perform lots of great configuration options and manage many applications. But there are some big problems, holes and challenges with how Group Policy performs its work. It simply cannot perform application management in a way that manages all of your desktop applications.

Who should read this whitepaper?

This is a “deep dive” whitepaper for Group Policy and Active Directory admins and IT managers, explaining where Group Policy works well, and where it needs a boost. Additionally, learn:

  • Where Group Policy, Group Policy Preferences and PolicyPak can work together to deliver and maintain settings (even when offline!)
  • How to deliver more than just registry punches for applications like Skype, Firefox, Java, Flash and dozens of others.
  • What ADM and ADMX files are capable of, and how to perform true desktop lockdown.
  • How “virtualized” applications do and don’t honor Group Policy and Group Policy Preferences.

Summary of the whitepaper:

Group Policy and Group Policy Preferences are awesome, but they cannot manage all the applications you have. Using PolicyPak with Group Policy can ensure that settings are delivered to nearly all applications, and are locked down and consistently applied and remediated.

You can deploy PolicyPak directives and enhance the Group Policy infrastructure you already have.

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