PolicyPak Security & Technical Whitepaper Series

This whitepaper series will show you how PolicyPak can maximize your control over your system.

Jeremy Moskowitz former Group Policy MVP

Jeremy Moskowitz
Microsoft MVP
Enterprise Mobility

What Most IT Admins Don’t Know About VDI

Who should read this whitepaper?

Anyone who is running, or thinking about deploying a VDI setuplike VMware View, Citrix XenDesktop or Citrix XenApp on their network. In these papers you will learn:

  • Specifics on how to optimize your VDI image.
  • How to stay flexible – even with a “golden” VDI image.
  • The extra reach and control PolicyPak gives you for managing VDI images and sessions, and:
  • The top 11 reasons why VDI & PolicyPak are better together.

Summary of the whitepaper:

VDI is a powerful way of ensuring you can deliver a normal Windows image to your BYOD users. But it requires careful implementation to ensure that the user experience is optimal, efficient and secure.

The whitepaper shows you some of the key points to watch for in setting and delivering your VDI image to your users, and how adding PolicyPak to your toolbox grants you increased control over both the VDI image and the applications within it.


Eleven reasons why VDI systems, like VMware View, Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenApp, work better when adding PolicyPak to them.

These papers are absolutely free. Enjoy!

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