PolicyPak for Administrators

Here’s how PolicyPak products can help the busy network administrator, by giving you control of your user application and desktop settings:

Stop fighting fires!

Ever feel like more of a firefighter than an administrator?

PolicyPak can help with that. We can stop problems before they start, rein in your end-users and ensure that you – the administrator – remain in control of the desktop and application settings. As it should be.


Controlling your end-users

Running a secure and efficient network would be so much easier without end-users!

Give them half a chance, and they’ll work round the application and desktop settings you’ve created. Which means things go wrong, which means more firefighting for you.

Plus, there’s the demands of telecommuting, security, audit…

PolicyPak can help get all this under control.


PolicyPak Product



  • Prevent user-generated security loopholes with settings lockdown & auto-remediation.
  • Prevent vulnerabilities on off-the-shelf applications.
  • Ensure IT and corporate security settings and preferences.

  • Extend Group Policy Preferences to non-domain joined machines (when using PolicyPak Cloud).
  • Keep Microsoft’s Group Policy Preferences working for you, even when the computer is offline.
  • Ensure the system is always embracing company and IT preferences.

  • “Red Light” / “Green Light” report of machine and user compliance.
  • Proactively learn which computers need attention (before the bad guys do.)
  • Use with or without multiple admins.

Find out more

Want to know more about application management for Group Policy admins? Perhaps you want to find out about the security issues around VDI? We’ve got you covered.

We have a series of whitepapers exploring in-depth how PolicyPak’s product range can help you work smarter, faster and more securely. Find out more here.