Application Configuration Management (ACM) Report

Application Configuration Management (ACM) Report 2014-15 published!


What are you and your peers doing to set and maintain Application Configuration Management across your company?

The ACM Report for 2014-15 demonstrates statistics and insights about exactly who and how much is being done to set configuration and application standards, how often users are working around those standards, and what it costs to return systems back to compliance.

Who should read this whitepaper?

Every manager or decision maker who wants to learn about the state of Application Configuration Management challenges (ACM) and see how their company stacks up with other similiary sized organizations.

Additionally, learn:

  • What percentage of organizations are trying to create desktop and security standards.
  • What percentage of organizations say they have had users try to work around IT’s security settings.
  • How long, on average, other organizations report it takes to address and fix an undesired, user-made change.

Summary of the report:

Users make undesired changes, and there is some work being done by IT Admins and managers to set standards. But managers and IT professionals should see how they stack up with other organizations and see if an Application Configuration Management (ACM) tool should be investigated to reduce costs, downtime and leakage of sensitive data.

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