BYOD: Mobility, Security and Control

It is known as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology). 

Most of the time, it can feel like BYOH – Bring your own Headache!

The Consumerization of IT means employees are bringing their own tablets, laptops, iPhones, MacBooks and other devices to work.   As business mobility becomes increasingly important for day-to-day business operations, developing a BYOD strategy is helping organizations create great new software and services that enable both the employee and the company to get what they each want: a simple and easy way to manage consumer and enterprise utilization.

And they want to work with your existing Windows apps.

In a recent white paper distributed by Unisys, the Consumerization of IT was identified in 2011 as one of six “disruptive trends” by which they mean a trend with the high potential of disrupting business as usual. Says Unisys, “the new challenge for IT and for enterprise application owners will not be around technology and standards, setting limits and narrowing choice, but around helping manage this new hybrid infrastructure and in providing guidance to the business on the optimal deployment models for application productivity.”

A classic example of the lower BYOD lower cost structure is that of Cisco, who report cost savings from BYOD from around 17 percent to 22 percent.  Unfortunately however, not everyone is experiencing these positive results; in fact, some organizations are finding that BYOD ends up costing more.  According to CIO magazine, a recent survey showed that more than 600 IT leaders reported that BYOD brings with it additional compliance and security costs and more than half of them said they had experienced a security breach as a result of consumer gadgets. 

BYOD and Your Helpdesk

Some organizations such as universities have embraced BYOD because they have no choice. 

And with new devices and new ways of doing business, now, you have new problems.

Your Helpdesk costs are not going to go down because of BYOD – in fact, quite the opposite.  Your helpdesk calls for application issues – many of which are the result of  the user doing something that they shouldn’t have (purposefully or accidentally) – are going to go up.. 

At PolicyPak we’re big fans of BYOD, but not at the cost of a “suffering helpdesk” or an overworked IT staff. 

Is there “middle ground” between flexibility and control?  Anything you can do to ensure the user stays productive on his BYOD device is going to win you big points with your company and with your end users. 

After all, another key driver of BYOD besides costs is the quest for flexibility, productivity and mobility.  You need a simple policy driven solution that can quietly ensure that important IT directives and application settings are set correctly and enforced.  This reduces your helpdesk costs and truly attains a lower total cost of ownership trough your BYOD environment.  The fact is, desktop and application management is even more important than ever when it comes to BYOD.

Your BYOD Solution

If you are looking at or already implementing a BYOD solution, then chances are it involves one of the big names like Citrix, Microsoft or VMware to provide your VDI infrastructure.  These VDI solutions deliver a consistent Windows desktop to BYOD devices: laptops, tablets or smartphones. 

Once you have the basic VDI foundation you need to deliver the apps demanded by your users, and you’re still missing something.

PolicyPak is the missing piece which works with all major (and most minor) VDI providers.  PolicyPak ensures your application and desktop settings are managed for your critical applications and operation system settings.

With PolicyPak, your users have the freedom to use the BYOD device they want – but with your IT rules consistently enforced.  PolicyPak is the simple but powerful component you need to link hardware flexibility with managed application lockdown.

Take control of the applications – not the devices.

 Attain the security that you want and that your network demands with simple, cost-effective and manageable solutions.

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