Save Time, Effort and Money with PolicyPak

PolicyPak software products combine to reduce the cost of keeping your network compliant, functional and secure.

Here’s how:

Save time with PolicyPak

PolicyPak saves over 2.5 person-weeks per year (for every 100 computers) by automating endpoint configurations.

Reduce security costs

Automate your settings management and reduce your security challenges while saving per desktop.

Lower support calls

Reduce the strain on your support staff. PolicyPak reduces calls related to application, network & security settings (now managed by PolicyPak).

ROI calculator

Estimate your savings with PolicyPak using our ROI calculator.

No Scripting

Scripting is great, until the Admin who wrote a script moves on (and someone else needs to update the scripts.)

With PolicyPak’s tools, there’s no scripting involved. That way, when it comes time to make changes, it’s easy to adjust to quickly respond to security threats or business needs.

What’s more, PolicyPak goes beyond scripting, and actually enforces and locks down IT settings, where scripts simply cannot.

PolicyPak Product Benefits Video
  • Prevent user-generated security loopholes with settings lockdown & auto-remediation.
  • Prevent vulnerabilities on off-the-shelf applications.
  • Ensure IT and corporate security settings and preferences.
  • Extend Group Policy Preferences to non-domain joined machines (when using PolicyPak Cloud).
  • Keep Microsoft’s Group Policy Preferences working for you, even when the computer is offline.
  • Ensure the system is always embracing company and IT preferences.
  • Deploy real Microsoft Group Policy settings using your existing MDM service.
  • Ensure IT and corporate security settings and preferences
  • “Red Light” / “Green Light” report of machine and user compliance.
  • Proactively learn which computers need attention (before the bad guys do.)
  • Use with or without multiple admins.