Green IT | Save Money and Energy with PolicyPak Solutions

It’s Not Just our Website that is Green

At PolicyPak we don’t make solar panels, hybrid automobiles or algae fuel.

We do, however, make software which can help you reduce your energy usage on the PCs and mobile devices you have.

Green IT efforts employed by companies today are a way to ensure anything we can do to reduce the carbon footprint of our computers benefits all of us.

A Managed Desktop is a Greener Desktop

At PolicyPak we like to hear when our customers fully manage user desktops, laptops and VID sessions and increase productivity.

But another benefit is how our software helps make your organization greener via smarter management.

Microsoft reports that a fully implemented managed desktop solution can result in as much as a 27% drop in the amount of power consumed within an organization. Microsoft’s own internal initiative resulted in a $12 to $14 savings per computer, per year.

PolicyPak utilizes the comprehensive desktop management system Microsoft provides: Group Policy and Group Policy Preferences (which is in the box). PolicyPak augments Group Policy to completes your managed desktop solution.

Often times, to go green means to go virtual. PolicyPak embraces virtualization and VDI and fully integrates with all of the major VDI and Application Virtualization products lines available today: Citrix, VMware, Microsoft and most others.

A managed desktop environment also helps to further gains in productivity and efficiency. It improves resource allocation and resource longevity. All of these contribute to the overall strategy of fulfilling a Green resourcefulness and inventiveness throughout your organization.

Our Own Green Initiative and Commitment

At PolicyPak, we’re proud to say that our flagship product PolicyPak Professional helps make our clients greener, but we’re also committed to going green individually as well. We know we need to be more than a good corporate citizen; we need to be a good worldly citizen as well. That’s why we digitize all of our sales materials, conduct as many meetings online as possible and offer our employees flex time and the ability to telecommute when applicable. Green is one of the focal colors of our website, and it’s also a principle element in our company’s culture as well.

Take control of your desktops and be greener at the same time.

Get simple, cost-effective and manageable solutions to help not only your own organization, but the global entity we all live in called the environment.

For more information, and to download a free copy of PolicyPak, join us for a free webinar to see PolicyPak in action.