Managed Service Providers and PolicyPak Suite (Cloud Edition)

Imagine if there were a product which could deliver, manage and lock down settings remotely, to different, unrelated customers and clients; keeping them safe, secure and under control from the comfort of your single, remote console?


PolicyPak Cloud Edition enables you to deliver, manage and lock down settings to applications and deliver all Group Policy settings (Admin Templates, Group Policy Preferences and Security Settings) using the Internet.

Differentiate yourself from the MSP herd

Can your competitors say that they can manage user’s Firefox, Java, desktop and policy settings… without running around from desktop to desktop?

You’ll be able to be more awesome … with PolicyPak Cloud Edition.

PolicyPak Cloud Edition gives you the following superpowers:


The power to “be in multiple places at once”

PolicyPak Cloud Edition has a single console where you can see all of your customers, the policies you want to deploy, and the groups those customers’ computers are in.

So if you have a good idea for one customer (locking down Java or Firefox, putting your Tech Support URL on everyone’s desktop, etc) you can make one policy from the single, central console, and link it to as many of your customers as you wish with a few mouse clicks.


The power to precisely manage your licensing requirements.

Get just as many licenses as you need for your exact endpoint count.

With PolicyPak Cloud Edition you don’t have to overspend.

The end.


The power to work with domain and non-domain joined machines

We know some of your customers have domains and others don’t.

With PolicyPak Cloud Edition, you can manage both types using the same interface.


The power to keep the customer safe and better managed

Customers look to you to ensure they are more secure.

When the next Java, Flash, Firefox, or Internet Explorer issue occurs, won’t it be good for both you and your customer that you have the tools in place to quickly manage those applications, configuring them as needed when the next security concern arises?

When customers’ applications and desktop need management and security – only PolicyPak Cloud Edition can get those policies to your customers, without you having to go on-site.