Manage Your Non-Domain Joined Devices with the Power of Group Policy & Group Policy Preferences

Applying Windows Settings to Non-Domain Joined Devices Has Never Been Easier or More Efficient

PolicyPak Cloud Edition delivers real Microsoft Group Policy settings to your remote and non-domain joined machines.

PolicyPak Cloud: Any Microsoft or Custom ADMX setting

Just CLICK your way to creating any ADMX setting for Windows or Office. Takes about 10 seconds to make your group policy, then get it deployed to your domain joined or non-domain joined machines. Must see it to believe it!

PolicyPak Cloud: Any Group Policy Preference Setting

PolicyPak optimizes Java-based websites too. With PolicyPak Java Rules Manager, you can decide what version of Java should run.

PolicyPak Cloud: Any Group Policy Security Setting

We also give you the power of Group Policy Preferences too. Check out his video demonstration to see you can create Policy Preferences directly inside the PolicyPak cloud as well

Use PolicyPak Cloud to Manage Non-Domain and Domain Joined Computers

PolicyPak Cloud is the only way to manage computers with crazy superpowers that your existing solutions don’t have.

Admin Components Image
Admin Components Image
Admin Components Image
Admin Components Image

Deploy Software

Remotely deploy software from the Internet to your remote-work machines

Remove Local Admin Rights… From Everyone !

Don’t let users “run with the scissors.” Quickly remove local admin rights, yet enable them to do the jobs they need.

Manage All Your Browsers

Most computers have more than one browser. Make sure users use the right ones at the right time.

Automate & Script

Quickly get the job done on endpoints with any of your own scripts.

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