PolicyPak and Least Privilege

Kill Local Admin rights. You want to, and it doesn’t have to be that hard.


Using PolicyPak, you can eliminate local admin rights, and when you do, there’s an enormous benefit to security, including avoiding malware, ransomware and other security breaches.

Who should read this whitepaper?

Decision makers and security conscious IT administrators who want to see real value when eliminating local admin rights and using PolicyPak toward a Least Privilege solution. Additionally, learn:

Additionally, learn:

  • The cost of running with high privileges
  • Costs of Getting Hit by Malware, Ransomware and other (preventable) security breaches
  • How to proactively protect yourself
  • Links to PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager in action

Summary of the whitepaper:

Running with high privileges and/or local admin rights on workstations makes your organization hugely insecure. But it’s not too hard to remove admin rights, once you have a tool which can help you elevate tasks as needed.

This paper is absolutely free. Enjoy!


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