Microsoft’s Missing Management Tool / PolicyPak in Microsoft Enterprise

Microsoft’s Missing Management Tool / PolicyPak in Microsoft Enterprise

Microsoft provides a wealth of management tools. But it’s missing something…


Microsoft has tools to help manage your desktop environments, from on-premises Group Policy, SCCM, and VDI, to cloud-based Windows Intune. Each Microsoft solution fits particular deployment situations. But do Microsoft’s existing desktop deployment abilities provide enough management capability to cope with the evolving future of the Windows desktop?

That’s where PolicyPak Application Manager (PPAM) comes in.

PolicyPak enables the creation, delivery, management, and enforcement of settings for all applications—all while leveraging the existing Microsoft management technologies that Microsoft customers already use.

Who should read this whitepaper

Anyone using Microsoft’s management tools on their network. Also, learn about:

  • Detailed use cases on what Microsoft’s tools can and cannot do for you
  • In-depth descriptions of how PolicyPak enables new, more powerful scenarios when deployed in tandem with Microsoft management tools
  • How you can get started using PolicyPak on your network right away

Summary of the whitepaper:

Microsoft has an amazing and ubiquitous array of management tools for your desktops and networks.

But they can’t handle everything, especially not with the evolving future of desktops, networks, VDI and BYOD. You’ll need an extra tool for that: PolicyPak.

This whitepaper will take you through the use cases of Microsoft’s management tools, examine their weaknesses and show you how PolicyPak is designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft to lock down, control and revert your network, user and security settings.

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