PolicyPak: Deliver, Enforce, Remediate and Report

PolicyPak is about helping you control your application and user-desktop settings. It’s about ensuring that operating system and application settings follow company IT policy and not the whims of your users. It’s about ensuring security and control over those applications within desktops, laptops and your VDI.

PolicyPak products enable your IT staff to Deliver, Enforce, Remediate, and Report on application security, which ensures compliance and reduces risk.

Quickly deliver application and user desktop settings

Once you define your application security settings, PolicyPak Suite products work with your existing network architecture to push those settings onto your users’ machines.

Use Group Policy to deliver your initial user settings? Great. PolicyPak Suite will work with you.

Prefer SCCM? Got Windows Intune? Want to use PolicyPak’s own Cloud delivery service? No problem. PolicyPak Suite works with all that.

How about Citrix or VMware virtualization? PolicyPak Suite works what you already have.


Next, PolicyPak enforces those settings

This happens by locking down that setting and removing the ability of the end-user to change it.

Users won’t be able to circumvent your desired IT settings.


PolicyPak continually remediates application settings

If your user willingly or unknowingly works around your desired settings, PolicyPak Suite products automatically fix it.

PolicyPak Suite products are always working, even when a computer is offline. PolicyPak Suite products will simply reapply and remediate your desired settings – quickly and quietly.


PolicyPak delivers real-time compliance reports

Bringing PolicyPak Group Policy Compliance Reporter into your network management suite gives you reporting tools you just cannot access natively.

PolicyPak Group Policy Compliance Reporter allows you to query multiple networked computers simultaneously, and delivers real-time status reports so you can see at a glance what needs attention.

PolicyPak Group Policy Compliance Reporter works with all areas of Group Policy, whether it’s handled by PolicyPak or not. Find out more here.


About PolicyPak Delivery Modes

PolicyPak Suite comes in two editions with different delivery modes depending on your network and its requirements: the On-Prem Edition or the Cloud Edition

Find out more about them here.


About PolicyPak

We are an enterprise software company with a focus on managing and securing end-points.

PolicyPak founder Jeremy Moskowitz is a ten-year Microsoft Group Policy MVP and settings management expert.

Find out more about our company and our team here.