User Satisfaction

Keeping your users happy is vital to ensuring your business is, well, busy. We all know this isn’t easy, but PolicyPak can help.

Here’s how:

True Application & Desktop Settings Management

Your current settings delivery system – whether that’s SCCM, Group Policy or something else – can’t deliver true lock down of desktop and application settings on its own.

Which means when users try (and succeed) working around your IT settings, then helpdesks get called and works stop being productive.

PolicyPak On-Prem works with your current settings delivery system to offer true settings lock down, preventing problems from happening in the first place (more detail here).

Plus you get settings delivery to remote machines with PolicyPak Cloud and real-time reporting on your status with PolicyPak Compliance Reporter.

Get VDI under control

It might be virtual one, but it’s still a desktop. The application might be streamed from a server instead of “locally installed.” But it still has countless user interface settings, which, when misconfigured will cause the user downtime, cause you a trip to the desktop, and cause lost productivity for everyone.

A virtual environment is no different than a physical one in one key respect – the user.

And if that user’s environment is left uncontrolled then every help desk call that results will reduce the overall cost savings you earned by “going virtual” in the first place.

Whether it’s virtual or physical; manage it, control it and lock it down with PolicyPak and reduce your headaches and helpdesk costs simply and quietly.

Helpdesk costs aren’t virtual, nor are the administrative headaches of managing your users throughout your organization.

Get control over your end-users’ desktop and application settings with PolicyPak software.

Manage remote users hassle-free

Your Helpdesk costs are not going to go down because of BYOD and work-from-home – in fact, quite the opposite. Your helpdesk calls for operating system, browser, and application issues – many of which are the result of the user doing something that they shouldn’t have (purposefully or accidentally) – are going to go up.

At PolicyPak we’re big fans of BYOD, but not at the cost of a “suffering helpdesk” or an overworked IT staff. Is there “middle ground” between flexibility and control? Anything you can do to ensure the user stays productive on his BYOD device is going to win you big points with your company and with your end users.

You need a simple policy driven solution that can quietly ensure that important IT directives and application settings are set correctly and enforced. This reduces your helpdesk costs and truly attains a lower total cost of ownership trough your BYOD environment. The fact is, desktop and application management is even more important than ever when it comes to BYOD.

Now, how do you manage it? PolicyPak can help, giving you a secure system and happy, productive, mobile end-users. Here’s our vision with remote settings delivery with PolicyPak Cloud

PolicyPak Product Benefits Video
  • Prevent user-generated security loopholes with settings lockdown & auto-remediation.
  • Prevent vulnerabilities on off-the-shelf applications.
  • Ensure IT and corporate security settings and preferences.
  • Extend Group Policy Preferences to non-domain joined machines (when using PolicyPak Cloud).
  • Keep Microsoft’s Group Policy Preferences working for you, even when the computer is offline.
  • Ensure the system is always embracing company and IT preferences.
  • Deploy real Microsoft Group Policy settings using your existing MDM service.
  • Ensure IT and corporate security settings and preferences
  • “Red Light” / “Green Light” report of machine and user compliance.
  • Proactively learn which computers need attention (before the bad guys do.)
  • Use with or without multiple admins.