VDI and Virtualized Applications | Manage Virtual Environments with PolicyPak Solutions

In the previous decade, organizations began to virtualize the servers in the data center. That’s where HyperV, Citrix XenServer and Vmware vSphere come in.

Now, we’re all virtualizing the desktop and its applications.

The desktop is virtualized via Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology vendors like Citrix, Microsoft and VMware. Applications themselves are virtualized via technologies like Microsoft App-V, Citrix Application Streaming, and VMware Thinapp.

The premise is simple: deliver a consistent and reliable desktop and/or application experience to your users and put the resources on the backend of the IT infrastructure (instead of the client computers.) Reduce administrative overhead by centrally storing desktops and applications.

VDI and virtualized applications deliver an “updated” desktop and application experience.

But it’s still missing something: operating system and application settings enforcement.

That’s why there’s PolicyPak Professional.

Manage Your Virtual Environment

It might be virtual one, but it’s still a desktop. The application might be streamed from a server instead of “locally installed.” But it still has countless user interface settings, which, when misconfigured will cause the user downtime, cause you a trip to the desktop, and cause lost productivity for everyone.

A virtual environment is no different than a physical one in one key respect – the user.

And if that user’s environment is left uncontrolled then every help desk call that results will reduce the overall cost savings you earned by “going virtual” in the first place.

Whether it’s virtual or physical; manage it, control it and lock it down with PolicyPak and reduce your headaches and helpdesk costs simply and quietly.

PolicyPak Embraces Virtualization

PolicyPak integrates with all of the major virtualization deployment solutions. If you are utilizing VDI solutions such as VMware View, XEN Desktop or Windows Remote Desktop — you’re covered.

PolicyPak works seamlessly with all major vendors. Simply include the PolicyPak CSE with your VDI image and continue to use the Group Policy infrastructure that your team already knows and use. Basically, there’s nothing new to learn.

If you’ve chosen to utilize Microsoft App-V, VMware View, or Citrix XenApp Streaming to virtualize and/or stream applications PolicyPak Professional will easily integrate with them, creating a policy-driven solution that is simple yet powerful. With the total package, you can deliver applications using the deployment solution of your choice and then dynamically configure and lock them down with PolicyPak.

Helpdesk costs aren’t virtual, nor are the administrative headaches of managing your users throughout your organization.

Get simple, cost-effective and manageable solutions for your virtual environments today. You can sign up for a live demo or call us directly at 1-800-883-8002 or contact us online here and we’ll see how PolicyPak can help you out.