7 Dumb Things IT Pros do With Windows 7 Rollouts

Jeremy Moskowitz, Group Policy MVP

We all do dumb things, but I wouldn’t want to mess up a Windows 7 rollout.

Mess up a rollout – and your whole business (not to mention your reputation) suffers.

The smart IT Pros and Managers will want to combat these common mistakes and ensure they come out on top of a company wide Windows 7 rollout. Let me show you some common problems which often chip away at Windows 7 Return-on-Investment (ROI), and which could have been prevented with a little forethought.

In this free whitepaper, I’ll discuss how to:
  • Avoid the pain of a desktop rollout
  • Dynamically deliver the right settings to the right users
  • Go beyond Group Policy with your deployment
  • Prepare for changes and the Next Security Threat
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