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PolicyPak Browser Router Ensure users utilize the RIGHT browser for the right website !

Everyone knows that not every browser is the right one for all websites. Problem is, users end up using the WRONG website most of the time. With PP Browser Router, you create policies (or ROUTES) where specific websites are launched only into the specific browsers. It couldn't be easier. Check it out.

PolicyPak: Browser Router now with support for MS Edge

PolicyPak now supports routing FROM EDGE to other browsers (Firefox, IE, and Chrome.) Its easy, and here's the only small thing you need to know to make it work perfectly !

PolicyPak Browser Router: Block web sites from opening in all browsers

Users being naughty? Use PP Browser Router to stop that nonsense.

PolicyPak Browser Router: Deliver your routes to traveling and non domain joined machines

PolicyPak Browser Router: Once you've defined your routes, it's super easy to use them with PolicyPak cloud. Check out this video to see how fast you can upload them.

PolicyPak: Browser Router Enterprise and Document modes

Use PolicyPak to dynamically set Enterprise and Document modes

PolicyPak and Edge ‘Special’ policies

After you create your Enterprise Mode site lists, you can decide how to handle Edge browser. Do you want websites to render in Edge or IE? This video shows you how to adjust for your conditions.

PolicyPak: Browser Router and Ports

Need to route specific websites to specific browsers based upon ports? Check out this demo.

PolicyPak: PolicyPak Browser Router User-Selected Default

PolicyPak Browser Router now lets you give some power back to your end-users. They can specify their browser of choice, and PolicyPak will let them utilize it. Here's how to set up the feature.