HowTo: Why does Windows 8 and 10 ask me “How do you want to open this?” and how do I make it go away?


HowTo: I’m using SCCM to deploy the PP CSE. I want to ensure that Internet Explorer is closed during the installation of PPBR to prevent IE questions of users if they are logged in. What should I do?


Other: I launched IE and saw “PPBRAGENTIExIE_01.dll” or “PPBRExplorerExtension.dll” prompted for the user. What should I do?


When I unlicense or remove PolicyPak Browser Router from scope, PolicyPak Browser Router Agent still shows as OS “default browser”. Why is that and is there a workaround?


Why doesn’t PolicyPak Browser Router routes take effect the first time I log on to Windows 8.1 or Windows 10?