PolicyPak File Associations Manager: Manage all file associations for Windows 10

Got PDF? And don't want Edge to open it? Or MP4, and don't want the built-in movie player to open it? How about protocols like MAILTO: .. want to map those to Outlook? It's drop dead easy.. with PolicyPak File Associations Manager. Trying to manage with "Set a default associations configuration" is for the birds, and isn't flexible. Instead, manage it quickly using Group Policy, and PolicyPak.

PolicyPak File Associations Manager: Understanding the First Login

This isn't a problem with PolicyPak File Associations Manager, but it's worth noting the behavior of what occurs at very first login. Good news: There's a quick fix; just log out and back on, and then.. boom. Problem solved for good !

PolicyPak: Associate Programs to Universal Windows Apps (Metro Apps)

Once you have your Windows Universal applications installed on an endpoint, how to manage the file associations? Watch this video to make it 1-2-3 easy !

PPFAM: Helper Application

If you have an application you simply cannot install on your own Management Station, then use the included PPFAM Helper utility to capture the association, then bring the XML file over to your machine.

PolicyPak: Manage all File Associations with the PPFAM Wizard

If an application has a LOT of file extensions, this built-in PPFAM Wizard enables you to quickly find them all, and make them a collection. Couldn't be simpler !

PolicyPak File Associations Trick: Acro Reader AND Writer

How do you make PP File Associations "think" about what to do, and have one group of associations with Acrobat READER and another with Acrobat WRITER. Here's how.

Taking Control of Your Taskbar and Start Menu with PolicyPak and PDQ Deploy

PDQ is legendary when it comes to deploying applications. But when those applications are deployed, the file associations you expect still don’t magically work. That’s why you should check out PolicyPak, and the PolicyPak File Associations Manager. With PolicyPak File Associations Manager, after your applications are deployed, it’s only a few clicks to get ALL of your associations handled. Check out this video to see how to map everything from Acrobat Reader to Outlook.