PolicyPak: Group Policy, Cloud & MDM Editions Overview

Learn what PolicyPak is, about the editions and where it can help you.

PP (All Versions): How to create a DC for editing purposes

In this video, learn how to create a DC in order to build GPOs that you can export then upload to PolicyPak Cloud or your MDM provider.

PolicyPak Licensing: On Premise licensing methods compared

You can use two methods to get endpoints licensed. Use the LT utility or import the items directly into a GPO. Here's how you would do either one.

PPGP: Admin Console And CSE Installation

Learn where to download and how to install the Bits that you'll need to get started with PolicyPak Group Policy Edition!

PPGP Quick Rundown: Getting Started

This video gives you a basic rundown of what our components do, where to find them, and how to get more in-depth information on our website. This is great if you're just getting started and want to get some brief information on all of our PolicyPak components.

Creating the Central Store for Group Policy and PolicyPak

Learn how to create a central store for both Group Policy and PolicyPak. The GP central store's job is to give a one stop shop repository for the files that constitute the ability to create stuff in Group Policy, and PP central store holds the paks you need to manage applications in the Application Settings Manager.

PolicyPak: Updating PolicyPak Central Store

Once you've created your PolicyPak Central Store and populated it, eventually you'll need to update your Paks. This video shows two different ways to update your Paks and your GPOs.

PPGP Quick Rundown: Application Manager

Learn how to get started with the Application Settings Manager quickly and easily with this video.

PP (All Versions): Testing and Troubleshooting By Renaming an endpoint Computer

If you want to bypass any potential licensing issue, test your Cloud or MDM policies before exporting them, or set up a home test lab, rename your endpoint to contain the word "computer" in the name. See this concept at work in this video!