PolicyPak Explained: In about two minutes

Want to learn about PolicyPak, as quickly as possible... This is the video for you ! In about two minutes you'll learn how PolicyPak enhances Group Policy and MDM, with extra super powers other management systems just don't have.

PolicyPak: Normal Quickstart (With Active Directory)

See how quickly you can get PolicyPak working with your Active Directory. This video mirrors the PolicyPak 3.0 Quickstart Guide to help you get up and running.

PolicyPak and SCCM: Lockdown applications settings tutorial.

SCCM is awesome! But by itself it can't deliver applications' settings or perform true application lockdown. Using PolicyPak with SCCM is a power grand-slam. Watch this video to see how to deliver PolicyPak directives using SCCM.

PolicyPak: Mass Deploy the PolicyPak CSE using GPSI

You've tested out PolicyPak on one machine, and it's working great. Now you're ready to roll the client side extension (CSE) out to a bunch of machines at ones. Good news ---- it's easy to do. Watch this video to see how to do it.

PolicyPak: Upgrading the CSE using GPSI

Here is how to take any version of PolicyPak CSE and update it on all your client computers ---- at once! You'll use the built-in Group Policy software distribution mechanism of Group Policy.

PolicyPak: Auto-updating the CSE

Starting in build 545, you can silently update the PP CSE anytime you want. You can drop it into the PolicyPak Central Store, or a share of your choice. In this video, we'll explore exactly how to demonstrate the new PP Automatic updates. (Note: Extra details are covered in Appendix A of the PP Quickstart and User guide)