Group Policy: ADM/X Files - why they cannot prevent user shenanigans

ADM and ADMX files SEEM like they'd work great. Except.. they don't. IN this video, Group Policy MVP Jeremy Moskowitz will show you how ADM and ADMX files DON'T perform the lockout you expect them to. And how a 3rd party tool like PolicyPak can actually deliver settings, plus perform lockdown so your settings are ensured.

Group Policy: Understanding ADM-ADMX files Tattooing (and what to do about it)

-Tattoing- the registry means that settings are -left behind- when they no longer apply to the user. Can it be prevented? Learn where ADM and ADMX files fall down a little bit, and how a 3rd party solution, PolicyPak can help out enormously here.

GPPrefs Registry: Nuke- mode, and why users can avoid your GPprefs settings

GPPreferences does a great job with drive maps, shortcuts and printers. But when it comes to managing applications themselves, the GPPrefs Registry extension doesn't go far enough. In this video, you'll learn about GPPreferences' "Nuke" mode, as well as what happens when the computer goes offline, and you expect settings to be maintained. Don't get caught off guard: Watch this video.

Internet Explorer 10 and Internet Explorer Maintenance - the whole story

If you install IE 10 on your own Windows 7 (or Windows 8) machine you lose the ability to manage Internet Explorer Maintenance. Plus, IEM settings stop working. What are you going to do? This video explains it quickly.

PolicyPak: Deliver GPPrefs items without using loopback mode

Not every GPPrefs item can be used on the Computer side. In this demonstration learn how to use Printers, Drive Maps and Internet settings... and deploy them to an OU of computers... REGARDLESS of where the user resides.

PolicyPak Admin Templates Manager: Switched Policies (without Loopback)

The problem with Loopback is that the way that it ultimately affects the whole machine can be very unpredictable. PolicyPak Admin Templates Manager gives you 'Switched Policies' which are a way to do "Loopback without loopback." In short, you can drive any user setting you want into the Computer... no loopback required. Watch this video to see how it's done.