PolicyPak Least Priv Manager: Overcome Network Card, Printer, and Add/Remove Programs UAC prompts

Very often, users need to be able to manage their own network cards, printers with drivers, and remove software which is installed on the machine. With PolicyPak Least Priv Manager, you can do all three, super duper easy. Check it out here.

PolicyPak Least Priv Manager Tools Setup

Need to enable users to manage their own printers, network connections, and Add/Remove Programs? Here's the HOW TO SET IT UP video. See the (much shorter) related video on what it looks like for end users once you have it set up.

PolicyPak Least Priv: Getting the helper tools as desktop shortcuts

Here's how to get all the PPLPM "Helper tools" affixed to the desktop using GPPrefs. (Also works for PP Cloud and MDM when you export the settings.)