PPLPM: Stop Ransomware and other unknown zero day attacks with PolicyPak SecureRun(TM)

Quick question: Do you want to pay the bad guys and/or clean up for three weeks, or click ONE button and say goodbye to all unknown Ransomware threats. Blacklisting is impossible. There are thousands of new evil applications created per day. And Whitelisting is no cakewalk either. You have to constantly stay on top of everything you deploy and install. There's a BETTER way, a THIRD way, using PolicyPak SecureRun. With SecureRun, you're only letting applications run if they were "properly installed" or otherwise sanctioned by you. Check out this video, and block all unknown Malware and zero day threats.

PolicyPak: Elevate scripts and Java JAR files

If you want to prevent WannaCry and other malware, it's pretty easy. Just prevent users from running all scripts using PolicyPak. But then how do you PERMIT other scripts and also ELEVATE yet other scripts? In this video you'll find out in no time.

PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager: Enable Standard Users to get into Control Panel Applets

Standard Users cannot get into most Control Panel applets. That could be a problem if they need to make some settings changes themselves. Check out this video to see how PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager can help you fix this common problem.

PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager: More security with Combo Rules

PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager enables you to select multiple critera for the action type. Watch this video to learn how it's done.

PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager: Change the BLOCK message dialog box

PolicyPak Least Privilege manager has a standard dialog box telling users when they have violated a policy. You can change that dialog box using a standard policy setting.

PolicyPak: Use PP Least Privilege Manager to elevate MSI installers

Elimiate local admin rights; but permit users to install their own applications as needed. In this video you'll see how to elevate MSI applications to bypass the UAC prompt.

PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager: Install local printer without being local administrator

Users can only install their own local printers. using “Devices and Printers”.. if they’re a local admin. How do you get out of this mess? They cannot Add a Local printer by themselves. With PPLPM though, you make it super easy for them.

PPLPM: Best Practices for Elevating User-Based Installs

Don't provide TOO MANY rights with PP Least Priv manager. This video goes over some best practices on what to do and what NOT to do with PPLPM and user-self installs with MSIs and EXEs.

PolicyPak: Prevent Users Running some commands with command lines

Customer requested demo to show how to block users from running Chrome or Firefox with specific command line options.

PolicyPak: Enable end-users to install their own fonts.

How do enable users to install their own fonts? With PolicyPak of course! Check out this video to see how its done.

PolicyPak Least Priv Manager: Prevent Edge from Launching

Don't remove EDGE from your image. Instead, just block Edge from running. Using PolicyPak. See this video for how to.

Least Privilege Manager: Self elevate

Enable your advanced developers and users the ability to self elevate applications, instead of having rules which always apply.