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PolicyPak: Manage different proxy settings, even when offline

Starting in build 545, you can flip / flop specific settings even when offline. For instance, see in this video how we change Firefox's Proxy settings -- even when there is no DC. You're going to love this tip !

PolicyPak: Managing IE Proxy server with Advanced settings

IE Proxy server with Advanced settings

PolicyPak: Using Environment Variables in Paks

You might want to deliver settings based upon Windows' environment variables. There are several types of Env variables, and in this demo, we show you how to find them and some use cases.

Wipe Privdog and other evil certificates off your network using Group Policy and PolicyPak

In this video, Sal from Tech Support shows you how to use PolicyPak to wipe trusted certificates which could inadvertently be used as a way for the bad guys to get into each and every PC on your network.

PolicyPak and Invincea Integration

Invincea is great for Sandboxing the IE, FF, and Chrome browsers. But you can use PolicyPak to manage all the in-browser settings. Here's a demonstration.

PolicyPak: Manage Firefox Plug-ins Per Website

If you have plugins that you always want to allow, for a specific website, this is the how-to video for you.

PolicyPak: Chrome Revert Tips (Pre-CSE 1260)

Reverting settings using the PolicyPak Chrome Pak is a little special. Here's the video how-to.

PolicyPak: Fix Chrome Revert with PP CSE 1260 or later

If you have trouble reverting your Chrome settings using PolicyPak Application Manager, in build 1260 or later, there's an easy fix. This video shows you how.

PolicyPak: Transitioning to the Universal Oracle Java Pak (7 thru 9)

For years, we here at PolicyPak have been making Paks whenever Java has gotten incrementally updated. This is a huge pain the butt. So now we are introducing a UNIVERSAL Pak for Java which works for all versions of Java 7... thru 9.. all incremental versions. Here is the guidance you need to transition from lots of Paks down to one universal Pak. If you have questions about this feature, PLEASE use the FORUMS.

PPAM: Convert from 2 to 4 Paks for Firefox About:Config Paks

If you need the advice on how to convert PolicyPak 2pak version to 4pak (or more) version, here's the advice.

PolicyPak: Deliver pre-configured Bookmarks in Chrome

Watch this video to learn how to use PolicyPak Application managers Google Chrome Pak to deliver pre-configured bookmarks to your endpoints.