PolicyPak: Manage App-V applications dynamically

You've got Microsoft App-V? Great. Now how are you going to manage those sequenced applications once they're deployed? You're not going to crack open the App-V sequencer, are you ? Heck no... You've got PolicyPak, and PolicyPak can deliver settings into the App-V Virtual or Real registry and Virtual and Real file systems. So, create you sequence, create your PolicyPak.. and deliver the settings you need to your applications.

PolicyPak and Microsoft UE-V - Better Together Story

Microsoft UE-V (User Experience Virtualization) is a great new offering from Microsoft to help users nicely roam settings between applications. But it doesn't perform enforcement of settings to your important applications. In this video, you'll learn where PolicyPak can dictate and enforce settings and Microsoft UE-V will properly roam all other settings. It's a perfect match!

PolicyPak: Manage VMware Thinapp Packages with Group Policy

Once your ThinApp application is run by your users, they can do practically whatever they want. With PolicyPak, you have the ability dictate specific settings for each of your applications plus lock users down so they can't work around your settings. See how PolicyPak enhances ThinApp environments by providing true Group Policy support to any ThinApp application PLUS lock users down so they cannot work around your settings.