PolicyPak and Microsoft Software

PolicyPak: AGPM (Advanced Group Policy Management) with PolicyPak

Learn how Microsoft's AGPM tool adds change management capability around Group Policy, and how PolicyPak works with it!

PolicyPak: Desktop Lockdown with Windows Intune

Windows Intune can't perform desktop and application lockdown. That's where PolicyPak comes in. You can export your PolicyPak settings, upload them into Windows Intune, and ensure that your important IT and corporate settings are always delivered.

PolicyPak: Manage Microsoft Lync using Group Policy

Lync is very popular. Too bad there's no way using Group Policy to configure it's critical settings ---- except when you use PolicyPak. Quickly set up collections of users with different settings and LOCK THEM DOWN so they cannot change them. Only with PolicyPak.

PolicyPak: Manage Office 2010 using Group Policy, SCCM or your own management tool.

You can't afford to have your users constantly altering the configuration settings of this key product your business users run every day. PolicyPak sets and enforces expectations for your users' applications, so that they get the same experience, every time they launch it. Ensure your Office settings are dictated and ensured using PolicyPak. Get those settings out there using Group Policy, SCCM or your own management tool. Check out this video to see how it's done.

PolicyPak: Manage OneNote using Group Policy, SCCM, or your own management tool.

Since many OneNote users are remote and mobile, this provides a greater challenge for your helpdesk team. You want to ensure that these users can't tamper with their application OneNote settings which may result in a helpdesk call. But with PolicyPak, you're the one in control.

PolicyPak and Microsoft UE-V - Better Together Story

Microsoft UE-V (User Experience Virtualization) is a great new offering from Microsoft to help users nicely roam settings between applications. But it doesn't perform enforcement of settings to your important applications. In this video, you'll learn where PolicyPak can dictate and enforce settings and Microsoft UE-V will properly roam all other settings. It's a perfect match!

PolicyPak and SCCM: Lockdown applications settings tutorial.

SCCM is awesome! But by itself it can't deliver applications' settings or perform true application lockdown. Using PolicyPak with SCCM is a power grand-slam. Watch this video to see how to deliver PolicyPak directives using SCCM.

PolicyPak and Microsoft RDS and RemoteApp - Better Together to Manage Applications' settings

PolicyPak combines brilliantly with Microsoft Remote Desktop Services such as RemoteApp to give you perfect control over your applications' settings. See how to use them together in this video.