PolicyPak: PolicyPak Browser Router User-Selected Default

PolicyPak Browser Router now lets you give some power back to your end-users. They can specify their browser of choice, and PolicyPak will let them utilize it. Here's how to set up the feature.

PolicyPak: Browser Router now supports Chrome on Non-Domain Joined machines

If you are using PP Cloud and PP Browser router, this is the video to see how to enable Chrome to "Other" browser routing. (Chrome to FF, Chrome to IE, Chrome to Edge, etc.)

PP Browser Router: Force all websites to IE (but have some exceptions)

Using PP Browser router, you can do a magic trick. Have ALL traffic go thru Internet Explorer, except a handful of websites (called Exceptions.) Here's how to do it. Two tips: If you cannot find the XML, just ask support. And, if you want to route all traffic thru, say, Firefox or Chrome.. that's possible, but that's a DIFFERENT video.

PolicyPak Browser Router: Use Firefox as default for ALL pages, except some pages

If you want to force Firefox to be the default browser for EVERYTHING, except some sites, then we have a special XML file and video to help you out.