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PolicyPak: Creating Your First Pak using PolicyPak Design Studio

Creating packs for your own applications is fun and easy. Watch this how-to video to see how quickly you can create your own Paks for the software you use within your company. Goodbye ADM and ADMX files, hello PolicyPak !

PolicyPak: Use the DesignStudio to import existing registry keys

If you've already got collections of registry keys you want to deliver, PolicyPak can ensure that they are always delivered and consistently reinforced. In this tip, use the PolicyPak DesignStudio to import your registry keys for both ON and OFF values.

PolicyPak: Using DesignStudio to add elements from an alternate UI

Quicky and easily add additional bells and whistles to your project. In this quick demo Jeremy shows you how to add a radio button element that he captures from a different part of the UI.

PolicyPak: Predefined ILTs (Internal Filters)

you can use "Internal Filters" to specify when your Pak should work on specific machines. For instance, you might only want an applications settings to hit the machine *WHEN* the application is actually on the machine. This video is for Pak designers only. For normal "Item Level Targeting" filters, see our Video on that function (for day to day PolicyPak administration.)

PolicyPak: Use the DesignStudio to manage FireFox's about:config settings

Firefox doesn't have to be hard to manage. Using PolicyPak its easy. Here's the how-to using the PolicyPak DesignStudio to implement your own about:config settings within your own Paks.

PP Design Studio - FoxIT Printer Settings Tutorial

In this tutorial we show how to capture FoxIT Printer's settings. Check out the video to see how its done.

PolicyPak: Using PolicyPak DesignStudio to modify the Java Paks for XP

In this video, you'll see how to take our existing Java Paks .. which only work on Win 7 and later, and make them *ALSO* work on XP.

Manage Firefox Plugins using PolicyPak and the PolicyPak DesignStudio

PolicyPak can manage your Firefox plugins. And we start you off with an example Pak. This video shows you how to take this example Pak and make settings for whatever plugins you want.

PolicyPak: Manage RDP - Terminal Services files using Group Policy and PolicyPak

Ever wanted to deliver and dynamically manage and enforce RDP files? That capability is available when you use PolicyPak. See this video to see how its done.