PolicyPak: Getting Licensed (It's Easy)

Getting licensed for PolicyPak is easy. We have a tool which counts computers in Active Directory (or those you want to manage.) Then you send us the count file, and you're licensed. Super simple.

PolicyPak Licensing: On Premise licensing methods compared

You can use two methods to get endpoints licensed. Use the LT utility or import the items directly into a GPO. Here's how you would do either one.

PolicyPak: Using LT for license cleanup

If you're a renewing customer, take a moment and find your old licenses and clean them out. This video shows you how.

PolicyPak Cloud and PolicyPak OnPremise Together using PPCloud LIcenses

You get a free "on premise" license when you consume a PolicyPak Cloud license. Here is a demonstration video to show you a best practice way to set up PolicyPak cloud AND PolicyPak on-premise together.

PolicyPak How to Un license any PolicyPak Component like PolicyPak Preferences

Silent video: How to Un-license any PolicyPak Component (like PolicyPak Preferences)