PolicyPak and Citrix: Better Together A quick introduction !

PolicyPak and Citrix: Better Together.. A quick introduction !

PolicyPak: Manage Xenapp applications using Group Policy

Citrix Xenapp receiver is missing something. It's missing the ability to receive Group Policy settings. It's also missing the ability to truly lock down your applications so users cannot work around your settings. In this demonstration, see how PolicyPak enables Xenapp environments to truly receive Group Policy settings for any Xenapp application PLUS lock those applications down so users cannot work around your important IT and security settings.

PolicyPak and Xendesktop -- Better together

Xendesktop is awesome. But that still doesn't solve big problems you still have right now: How are you able to guarantee key application and operating system settings for users? How can you prevent users from messing up their apps? How can you ensure users won't work around your important security and operating system settings? Watch this video to find out.

PolicyPak and Microsoft RDS and RemoteApp - Better Together to Manage Applications' settings

PolicyPak combines brilliantly with Microsoft Remote Desktop Services such as RemoteApp to give you perfect control over your applications' settings. See how to use them together in this video.