PolicyPak GP Compliance Reporter: Using an Existing GPO as a test

The PolicyPak Group Policy Compliance Reporter can help you know if your existing settings (from a GPO) have -made it- to a target machine. Watch this video to learn how to utilize an existing GPO as a PPGPCR Test.

PolicyPak: Import STIG files to make your applications more secure

PolicyPak can import collections settings (STIGs) to make applications like Java, Firefox, Internet Explorer and more ... and make them more secure. These are US Government recommendations. See how PolicyPak can deliver these settings to your machines and lock them down using Group Policy.

PPGPCR: Server Mode

Why do you need PPGPCR Server Mode? Because all your computers' GP Results will be stored in one place, and you can quickly test to see if you are in compliance or not. Without PPGPCR Server, you simply don't know what's going on with ALL of your users or computers.

PPGPCR: Standalone Mode

Quickly see what the PPGPCR Standalone mode can do for you.