I already have everything “Locked Down”.

You might have a lot of areas of Windows locked down. The 3000+ Group Policy settings (within the Admin Templates section) that Microsoft ships is great at locking things down such as preventing users from accessing control panel, or running Regedit, or running a command prompt.

However, let’s focus our attention to your applications that are running on the desktop, like WinZip, Acrobat Reader, Internet Explorer, Chrome or just about any other desktop application.

If your systems are really “Locked down”, can you users manipulate the settings within applications’ “Tools | Options” or “Edit Preferences?”

If your users can manipulate the settings within the applications themselves, then you need PolicyPak.

With PolicyPak working for you your true “lock down” is dramatically increased:

  • Applications’ UIs are grayed or hidden to prevent changes (in about 80% of applications).
  • Applications’ settings are auto-remediated when the application is launched by the end-user (even when the computer is offline).
  • Applications’ settings can be locked down with ACL Lockdown (in about 80% of applications) so users literally cannot change the settings at all.