I use a “Group Policy Change Management tool” (like Microsoft AGPM, NetIQ GPA, or Quest GPOadmin).

AGPM, GPA and GPOadmin are great utilities to handle the workflow around Group Policy management. That means you can manage multiple administrators when they all try to work at the same time.

But, to be super clear, these kinds of tools don’t add any “super powers” to your Group Policy infrastructure. You don’t suddenly get more lockdown capability on your Windows client machines.

That’s what PolicyPak does: we lock down your applications and operating systems using Group Policy.

That being said, however, PolicyPak does work with all the major Group Policy Change Management tools superbly. So, if you’ve got Microsoft’s AGPM, GPA or GPOadmin, then PolicyPak just fits right in to your existing workflow.

We have some great videos to show you how PolicyPak and Group Policy management workflow tools work together. Find your Group Policy Change Management tool in this list: https://www.policypak.com/integration/policypak-group-policy-change-management-utilities.html