I use SCCM, which can deploy software and has DCM capabilities.

SCCM is great at deploying applications themselves. But it doesn’t really do such a hot job to manage applications’ settings. We have a whitepaper specifically designed to express the truths of SCCM – what it does great, and where it needs a boost.

Please download the free paper here: https://www.policypak.com/solutions/why-sccm-admins-need-policypak.html

In summary though: PolicyPak and SCCM don’t try to do the same thing. SCCM is great for deploying software and reporting on compliance. PolicyPak delivers settings to your applications, performs UI lockdown and automatic remediation for a huge variety of settings.

Tip: You can deploy PolicyPak directives using SCCM and deliver those directives to collections on your network or over the Internet. To see PolicyPak and SCCM “better together” please watch this video: https://www.policypak.com/integration/perform-desktop-lockdown-using-sccm-and-policypak.html