Here at PolicyPak, we are firmly committed to our customers. So much
so, we are excited to offer the newest component of our robust
customer support program.

The PolicyPak Bootcamp

The PolicyPak Bootcamp is your training program specially designed for PolicyPak admins like you. If you’re at a big company or a small company. If you’re new to PolicyPak or if you’ve been a PolicyPak customer for years. The PolicyPak Bootcamp makes you a better PolicyPak admin and a better administrator overall. The PolicyPak Bootcamp has a comprehensive approach, with new content added as it happens.

So whether you want to learn how PolicyPak Group Policy can manage your desktops with what you already have, use PolicyPak Cloud to work on non-domain joined machines, or you are planning for future scenarios using PolicyPak MDM, you are in the right place.

The PolicyPak Bootcamp is designed to help you understand the material on multiple levels and reinforce the concepts before you use them in a production environment. Here is how we break down the Bootcamp activities


Lecture & Knowledge


Of Concepts


Hands-On Lab Time /
Turn Concepts Into


Time To Catch
Your Breath

Two Bootcamp Options

(All Customers)


Go at Your Own Pace, with
Pre-Recorded Video Lessons.
Laptop with Sheild

Don’t have three consecutive days to commit to training? We understand and to make sure you don’t miss out on this great program, our experts have pre-recorded the entire PolicyPak Bootcamp! Available for free, and on your schedule, the self-paced training option is our most flexible yet.


Sign-in to Portal and click the Bootcamp tab to get started.



We come to you.
Contact Us for Pricing.
Laptop with Sheild

Jeremy Moskowitz, former Group Policy MVP and founder of PolicyPak Software, or another PolicyPak expert, will come to you for three days of hands-on PolicyPak training and labs. You pick the dates and have open discussions as needed. Time permitting, we can also work through any challenges you are having with your implementation of PolicyPak.


Email us for pricing and

To learn more about the PolicyPak Bootcamp before you get started, download the syllabus. If you’d like to discuss which option is best for you, feel free to call us directly at