PolicyPak Software Announces PolicyPak Cloud support for all ADMX Settings, for Microsoft Windows and Third-Party Applications Including Fox IT and Chrome

PolicyPak Cloud Customers Can Easily Upload Any ADMX file and manage any setting for Windows or Office

Philadelphia, PA—January 22, 2019PolicyPak Software, today announced a new capability in PolicyPak Cloud Edition to help IT administrators more efficiently manage registry-based Group Policy settings on Windows.

Introduced in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista, ADMX (Administrative Templates) files are used by Group Policy in Windows. They are XML-based files and come with an .admx extension. The new PolicyPak Cloud feature enables administrators to point and click, to create and specify any ADMX setting without having to pre-create it in a real on-prem AD-joined machine first. The ADMX settings can be easily deployed to a domain joined or non-domain joined machine — allowing administrators to manage registry-based policy settings including all control panel, Internet Explorer, look and feel and many security settings.

“PolicyPak Cloud Edition has always enabled admins to deploy all of PolicyPak’s special settings and Microsoft’s Group Policy settings,” said Jeremy Moskowitz, founder and CTO, PolicyPak Software. “But this new innovation enables IT admins and MSPs to immediately point-and-click their way to manage any ADMX setting directly in the PolicyPak Cloud UI.”
For customers using Microsoft Intune, this is an excellent add-on to those already looking toward their Microsoft’s newly announced Administrative Templates support.

“It’s great that Microsoft Intune has announced some Administrative Templates support for their customers. There are a good collection of several hundred settings, mostly around Office, OneDrive and Internet Explorer. That being said, if an administrator needed an ADMX setting to manage the desktop, operating system, control panel, or anything else which is not yet in Intune, he can use our PolicyPak Cloud’s ADMX support to augment what’s there, and get a true in-box and 3rd party 100% ADMX coverage today.”

With PolicyPak Cloud, there are no production on-prem systems to install or MDM required.

PolicyPak Cloud delivers settings to client computers, applications and desktops via the PolicyPak Cloud server. This is especially beneficial to organizations that have both domain joined and non-domain joined machines, employees who travel with laptops and tablets, and those who want a central way to deliver settings across a distributed network.

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PolicyPak Software provides total settings management for Applications, Desktop, Browser, Java and Security Settings for Windows endpoints. The PolicyPak software suite enables IT professionals to deliver, lockdown and remediate settings for desktops, laptops, VDI sessions, company devices, as well as BYOD. Settings can be controlled either via on-prem systems like Group Policy or SCCM or using cloud systems such as PolicyPak Cloud or an MDM service like Microsoft Intune, VMware Workspace One or MobileIron. PolicyPak Group Policy Compliance Reporter enables real-time reporting on the status of Group Policy settings across the entire network.

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