PolicyPak On-Premise Suite 2-minute overview

PolicyPak On-Prem Suite 2 minute overview

PolicyPak On-Prem Suite 2 minute overview

You already know that you have to manage application, desktop and security settings. That’s why you’re checking out PolicyPak On-Prem Suite. PolicyPak On-Prem Suite has a gaggle of components that work alongside what you already have. When you purchase PolicyPak On-Prem Suite, you’re licensed for all of these components. Let’s check out the PolicyPak On-Prem Suite components one by one.


Let’s start with PolicyPak Application Manager. PolicyPak Application Manager doesn’t deliver applications. You already have software for that. PolicyPak Application Manager works with what you already have to deliver settings to applications like Firefox, Flash, Java, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and hundreds more. PolicyPak Application Manager stops application pop-ups, increases, security, and standardizes your applications so system settings are maintained and users can’t work around them.


Next in the suite is PolicyPak Admin Templates Manager. PolicyPak Admin Templates Manager enables you to do two things. First, your Group Policy is now supercharged. We’ve taken the power of Group Policy Admin Templates and married it to the flexibility of Group Policy Preferences Item Level Targeting. Now you can specify exactly who will get what policy settings and reduce complexity and the number of GPOs. Second, you can now deliver any user-side policies and target them directly to computers. If you’ve ever tried to deal with complicated Group Policy loopback processing, those days are over. We eliminate it.


Next in the suite are PolicyPak Preferences Manager and PolicyPak Security Manager, which work similarly. When PolicyPak Preferences Manager and PolicyPak Security Manager are working for you, then your Group Policy Preferences and Group Policy Security Directives stay working, even if users try to be naughty or computers go offline.


Browser Router is also included in the PolicyPak On-Prem Suite. It sounds a really common problem your users have right now. Users often need the right browser for the right website. And if end-users launch the wrong browser, then the website either looks funny or doesn’t function at all. PolicyPak Browser Router enables you to dictate which websites open up in what browser. Now, end-users will always get exactly the right browser for the right website. PolicyPak Browser Router can also block access to websites so your security is maintained and corporate policies are adhered to.


PolicyPak MDM Settings Manager is next. Microsoft’s in-the-box Group Policy is awesome, but it can’t manage every new setting in Windows 10. Some settings can only be enabled or disabled using the Windows 10 Mobile Device Management Service or MDM for short. MDM settings aren’t just for phones. They are for real desktops, laptops, and tablet PCs, too. One way to manage these new MDM settings is to join and pay for an expensive monthly cloud service. But with PolicyPak MDM Settings Manager, you don’t have to. Only PolicyPak MDM Settings Manager enables you to keep using your existing Group Policy infrastructure, or whatever you use right now, and deliver MDM settings to Windows 10 desktops, laptops, and tablets.


Oh, and there’s one more superpower which works with all of our PolicyPak On-Prem Suite components. For your Microsoft Group Policy settings and PolicyPak specific settings, you can get those settings out there using Group Policy or utilize any other management software you already have.


Now that you understand what each component in the PolicyPak On-Prem Suite can do, you can click inside and explore each component and see specific, real world video demonstrations and examples.


PolicyPak – what you set is what they get.