PolicyPak Portal: How to download PolicyPak and get free training

New to PolicyPak? Get started by understanding the PolicyPak Portal in this brief tutorial.

PolicyPak Portal-How to download PolicyPak and get free training

Hi, this is Whitney with PolicyPak Software. In this video, we’re going to talk about how to log on to the customer portal and what you’re going to find once you get there.

You’ll start by going to “www.policypak.com,” and you’ll go to this “Customer Login” link right here. Then we’ll get here and what’s going to happen is you will receive an email to your own email address that contains a randomly generated password. When you come here, you’ll enter in that “EMAIL ADDRESS” and the randomly generated “PASSWORD.”

We can either jump to the “Portal” or to the “Forum” from here. We’re going to start with the “Portal” and discuss the “Forum” a little later.

Here we are logged in. We’ll start by talking about this dashboard briefly, and then we’ll be able to discuss each section of it a little more in-depth in just a minute.

We start up here in this upper left hand corner, we have the “Latest Bits.” The “Bits” are the part of PolicyPak software that you need to install to make it all work.

We next have the “Available Trainings.” We will talk about that once we get to the “Available Training” tab, but you can see this here and quickly register yourself for a training.

Here (“YOUR LICENSES”) we have the basics of your company and its licensing situation. In this case, this guy is only licensed for the “PolicyPak Cloud Edition.” But if you had “On-Prem” or the “Compliance Reporter,” then you would see the information here just like you do here.

Finally over here, we have the “Latest Updates,” both our “Paks” which are the little guys you need to make the Application Manager work and the “XML Advice” which is basically a little bit of help we give you to make things work a little better for you.

We’ll start by looking up at these tabs. Let’s look at “Downloads.” This is where you go to download literally anything you need from PolicyPak. You can either download a “Single Pak” (“Download Pak”) which is the DLL file that you need for the application settings manager portion of PolicyPak. This is where you can download a “Single Pak” at a time for a single application.

If you wanted to download all of them at once, you’d click here (“Download Paks”) and it would want to make sure that you wanted to download all those Paks. We’re going to say “No Maybe Later” this time. It lets us know it was “Cancelled” right here in the corner.

Here we have the “Latest Bits.” Those are the downloadables that you have to install to make PolicyPak work, like we talked about. So here you can choose “Download Latest Bits.” Before you do, you’re going to have to look at this “End User License Agreement.” You’ll scroll all the way down to the bottom, reading of course every word, and you click “I Accept.” Once you do that, this shows you the “Change Log” of what we’ve done to upgrade and fix PolicyPak software. And here is where you can “Download” it either as a “zip” or as an “iso.”

Next we have our “Latest Manuals.” Pretty straightforward. It tells you how to use each component of PolicyPak and also some stuff on specific areas like “Firefox” or “Internet Explorer.” You can “Download” the manuals individually, or you can “Download All Manuals” at once here.

Next we have the “On-Prem Licensing Tool.” If you need to download that, we will let you know and tell you how to do that when the time comes. But here is where you would go about doing that (“Download On-Prem Licensing Tool”).

Here we have “XML” files, both “STIG” and files for specifically Least Privilege Manager (“PPLPM”), Browser Router (“PPBR”) and File Associations Manager (“PPFAM”). If you need to download those, you would go to here and once again we have the “Download” area right there or just here.

Finally at the bottom, you could download “Everything (Bits, Paks, Manuals, But Not Advice)” because that may be a very specific situation but you’re probably going to need the Bits, the Paks and the Manuals. So I recommend you start there if you’re new to the company.

You click on “Download Latest Everything.” Again we get that EULA (“End User License Agreement”). Again we’ll scroll through to the bottom, and here we are: “I Accept.” And once again we can do the “ISO” or the “ZIP,” and you “Download” it here.

Next we’re going to look at “Available Training.” We now have a training style called the Deep Dive Demo that takes about 15 to 30 minutes to complete and it talks about a specific component of PolicyPak. We have some recurring weekly demos that happen here. I do most of them, as you can see. This is the “Website & Portal Basics.” You can get started with the “Cloud Edition” and so on.

If you’re interested in that, you can click on the “Register Me” button and you can choose to register yourself right here (“Yes Register Me”). You can also register a teammate (“Reg. Teammate”) if you want to have a teammate join you for that Deep Dive Demo.

Now let’s look at “Your Company.” This is pretty straightforward. It just tells you this information here (“Company Info”) and what your licensing is (“Licenses”) as we saw before. And that’s that.

Next we have “Your Contacts.” This is where you can go to add contacts to your company or edit ones that already exist. We have several different varieties of contacts. The “PRIMARY” is the main person in charge of PolicyPak software and the one that we will be contacting if we have any questions or if something comes up.

“SECONDARY” contacts are people who are using PolicyPak but aren’t in that point position. The “BILLING” contacts are important because they help us when we come around to renew every year. And then the “OTHERS” contact goes with somebody that may need to get the information but isn’t necessarily using PolicyPak or just doesn’t happen to fit in the previous categories.

Finally, we have “INVITATIONS” which allows you to invite someone to join the company and it will automatically send them an email with the password and all of that. That’s similar to what you received before.

Finally, we have “Your Profile.” This just allows you to change “Your Information” and change your “Password Information” if you need to. If you want to change it from that default password, which I recommend, change that password right here and click “Update.”

The last thing we’re going to talk about briefly is the forums (“Go To Forums”). If you have a “how do I” question, I would recommend you ask it in the forum so that someone who has the same question later can benefit from your confusion.

Go here, and you can post in any of these categories. If you have a “Browser Router” question, post in “Browser Router” and so on and so forth.

So that’s that. That is the forum. That is the portal. And that’s what you need to know to get started.
Thanks, and see you next time.