PolicyPak: Two minute overview

What is PolicyPak and how can it help you? Learn in two minutes !.

PolicyPak2 Minute Overview

Let’s get right to the point. You have desktops, laptops, full VDI and remote desktop sessions, not to mention tons of applications. Leaving users to set their own desktop configuration and security settings, you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

It’s no secret that Microsoft’s Group Policy is the best way to manage and standardize desktop, system and security settings, even if it’s not so hot at managing application settings. Even then, Group Policy only works when machines are domain-joined, connected to your intranet and currently online.

Maybe you’ve had to add in additional management software to deploy applications and manage patches. Group Policy, with or without additional management software, does nothing to help you configure and lockdown settings for your most important desktop applications.

PolicyPak doesn’t replace Group Policy or your other management software. We work with what you already have and make it better. We built it for IT administrators and managed service providers just like you.

If you’re already using Group Policy, on-premises management software or remote management software, then PolicyPak is going to be your new best friend. PolicyPak gives you the following superpowers:

  1. Use PolicyPak On-Prem to supercharge your existing Group Policy and configure your applications.
  2. Deploy Group Policy’s powerful settings and your application configurations using the management system you already have.
  3. Use PolicyPak Cloud to deliver Group Policy application settings to remote computers over the Internet if they’re domain-joined or even non domain-joined.

Once PolicyPak is onboard, all your settings stay compliant with systems on and off your network. Stop those annoying application pop-ups, prevent applications from auto-updating and standardize the settings for your off-the-shelf and in-house applications.

PolicyPak is perfect for IT admins who want to increase security and standardization and lower support costs or for IT admins or MSPs who need to secure and manage PCs out in the field and remote offices. With PolicyPak, you’ve already got all you need. There are no servers to buy or build, databases to maintain, schema updates to make or code to write.

Get started with PolicyPak today, and learn the secret that other IT admins and MSPs use to keep their machines and applications configured, compliant and secure. PolicyPak: what you set is what they get.