Stop Cryptocurrency-Mining Malware Before It Starts (with PolicyPak)

Jeremy Moskowitz former Group Policy MVP Jeremy Moskowitz
Microsoft MVP, Enterprise Mobility

Stop Cryptocurrency-Mining Malware Before It Starts (with PolicyPak)

Cryptocurrency is a digital, decentralized currency supported by blockchain, which is a public ledger that records transactions between parties in an efficient, verifiable, and permanent manner. Cryptocurrency is truly revolutionary, and as with any innovation, a nefarious group of hackers have quickly emerged with the intent to exploit it.

Hackers have identified a number of ways to “mine” cryptocurrency, and one way is to use your business’s computers. There are a few ways to do this – through cryptomining malware and cryptojacking.

In this white paper from PolicyPak, we will discuss cryptomining and cryptojacking, the insecurities they can create, and most importantly, how to secure your business from those insecurities, including:

  • Enlist endpoint protection to secure against malicious code creation
  • Remove / restrict local admin rights for standard users
  • Increase browser security

Download this white paper to learn how to keep your business and computers safe from these new threats.


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