Top 12 Windows 10 Settings for Managing and Securing Work from Home Employees

Jeremy Moskowitz former Group Policy MVP Jeremy Moskowitz
Microsoft MVP, Enterprise Mobility

There’s no “one way” to manage your remote workers, but without the right configuration settings and know how, it’s easy to make mistakes.

Even the concept of remote device provisioning for remote workers isn’t consistent. For some companies it means handing out a laptop that simply hosts an RDP connection back to an on-premise desktop. In other cases, it only serves as a hosting platform for Windows Virtual Desktop or other VDI solution. For other companies, it means that every remote worker must have a fully functional domain-joined or Azure-joined laptop.

So how do you manage all of these remote work scenarios?

In this white paper we’ll review the top 12 Group Policy and MDM settings you need to ensure your work-from-home employees stay efficient and secure.


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