Company Overview

PolicyPak is an enterprise software company with a focus on managing and securing end-points.

Our Goals:

PolicyPak software has five overarching goals directing all the products and services it offers:

  • We solve complex and challenging IT security and settings management problems.
  • We develop affordable solutions for businesses of all sizes.
  • We reduce desktop management and ensure standardization.
  • We increase end-user productivity.
  • We provide world-class pre-sales and post-sales support.

Our Technology Philosophy:

PolicyPak’s driving “technical philosophy” is to work alongside your existing computing investment and add our magic. We’re not replacing any tool you have, or overlapping in any functionality.

You have already invested in Microsoft, Citrix, VMware and many other technologies to get desktops rolled out and software deployed. You should be able to leverage that existing investment and utilize those technologies, not replace them.

  • If you use Microsoft Group Policy, Microsoft SCCM, Microsoft Windows Intune, Dell KACE, or your own systems management tool – PolicyPak works with it. Here are our integration videos.
  • If you’ve implemented VDI, we work with your existing Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp, existing VMware View, and your existing Microsoft RDS and U-EV.
    Here are our integration videos.
  • If you’ve implemented Application Virtualization, we work to deliver settings into your existing Microsoft App-V, VMware ThinApp, Novell ZENworks App Virtualization, Symantec SWV and deployments.
    Here are our integration videos.
  • If you’ve implemented Least Privilege, we work alongside your BeyondTrust PowerBroker Windows, Avecto Privilege Guard and Viewfinity Privilege Management.
    Here are our integration videos.
  • If you’ve implemented Group Policy change control with Microsoft AGPM, Quest GPOAdmin or Active Administrator, or NetIQ GPA we integrate with that too. Here are our integration videos.

Our Leadership:


Jeremy Moskowitz

  • Founder of PolicyPak Software.
  • 10+ Year Microsoft Group Policy MVP awardee
  • Desktop Management Expert

My whole career has been about desktop management in Enterprises. Our software is built for the security minded IT Professional and always keeps the Enterprise in mind.

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