GPO Compliance Pak

Achieve compliance and reduce risk by gaining 100% certainty that Active Directory’s Group Policy settings are deployed and working correctly. PolicyPak GP Compliance Reporter gathers Resultant Set of Policy Reports (RSoP) for all computers and places them in a simple, insightful and unified report.

This Pak contains the following Policy:
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Achieve Compliance and Reduce Risk

Know instantly that your Microsoft and PolicyPak settings “made it there” and your computers are adhering to your standards.

Deploying and managing Group Policy settings is difficult, but ensuring that the policies you've deployed "work as they should" in a scalable way is challenging and risky without the right tools. Unless you have a centralized way to determine that policies made it to the endpoint, you're in the dark and might be noncompliant with critical regulations.

With the PolicyPak GPO Compliance Pak, you'll be able to aggregate Resultant Set of Policy Reports (RSoP) for all computers and put them in a simple, insightful, and unified report.


Pull in real-time client audit reports, get reports instantly, and query one, some, or all machines directly


Set up agentless push auditing and work with other administrators as a team.

PolicyPak vs Native Tools

Microsoft Group Policy Results vs PolicyPak Group Policy Compliance Reporter

Microsoft Group Policy Results

Microsoft’s in-box Group Policy Results only tells you the results of ONE USER on any ONE particular machine. It doesn’t express whether that user or system is in compliance with your IT baselines.

Group Policy Result

PolicyPak Group Policy Compliance Reporter

PolicyPak allows you to define pass/fail settings compliance across your network, providing a metric to test against and remediate.

Compliance Report Result
“PolicyPak Compliance Reporter provides a quick and easy way to understand whether or not your computers are in compliance with organizational and regulatory policy mandates. With PolicyPak Compliance Reporter, you'll have no doubt whether or not the settings you deploy are actually working!”
JEREMY MOSKOWITZ, Founder and CTO , PolicyPak

Meet Regulatory Compliance with PolicyPak GPO Compliance Pak

PolicyPak’s numerous compliance reporting features ensure you and your auditing team are up-to-date on the status of compliance standards and pass/fail settings.

Get an “At a glance view” of your Group Policy delivery Tick Icon
Interrogate dozens or thousands of machines in realtime Tick Icon
Push data to a central server instead of interrogating machines directly Tick Icon
Install the Console on unlimited number of admin computers Tick Icon

PolicyPak On-Demand Webinars

Overcome your most significant Windows 10 & 11 challenges. Join Jeremy Moskowitz, 18x Microsoft MVP, and other IT thought leaders, as they tackle today's most difficult management and security issues.

PolicyPak Whitepapers & Case Studies

Resources that will show you how PolicyPak can extend and maximize control over your system.

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PolicyPak + HIPAA Compliance Doing Everything You Can to Meet HIPPA Requirements

PolicyPak protects personal health information (PHI) and therefore plays a crucial role in your HIPAA strategy. The examples in this paper show how PolicyPak will not only help secure your electronic data from being compromised but will also protect your users and devices from other threats.

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search icon CASE STUDY

US Department of Veterans Affairs Supports 500,000 endpoints with PolicyPak

Managing policy across some 500,000 geographically disbursed computers and other endpoints is a monumental IT challenge. The organization uses Microsoft Group Policy, but felt limited withwhat could be done with Group Policy alone...


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