Microsoft Active Directory & Group Policy

Group Policy hooks into and extends the Group Policy infrastructure you already use. There’s nothing more to buy or build; you already have all you need.

You want a tool that integrates into Group Policy editor and adds security and environment management to Windows 10.

PolicyPak does this!

You want to reduce GPOs, decrease complexity, and speed up login times.

PolicyPak does this!

You want to eliminate loopback so Group Policy troubleshooting is 10x easier.

PolicyPak does this!

PolicyPak works hand in and with your exiting Group Policy.

Just create the settings in the MMC editor, and … you’re done !

Settings In The MMC


Save Settings In Gpo


Group Policy Processes


Group Policy

PolicyPak becomes a natural extension of your existing Group Policy processes. For instance, PolicyPak hooks right into the Group Policy Editor and works with Group Policy Backup and Restore. It even works with Group Policy Results Reports and everything else Group Policy. No servers required!

Item-Level Targeting

Item-Level Targeting is a feature of Group Policy Preferences that enables you to target policies to users and computers based on attributes like AD group, OS type, IP range, and more. We've woven that feature into everything that PolicyPak does, including Microsoft's Admin Templates.

Group Policy Loopback

Group Policy Loopback processing is a pain. It slows down user logins, and it's nearly impossible to isolate the deployed settings you want from the ones you don't. If you wish to deliver computer-side policies to users and user-side settings to computers, check out PolicyPak. PolicyPak eliminates Group Policy loopback for Microsoft Admin Templates.

Advanced Group Policy Management

Group Policy has a few utilities that enable you to enforce check-ins, check-outs, and workflow management. PolicyPak integrates with all AGPM utilities, including those from 3rd-party vendors like NetIQ GPA, Quest ActiveAdministrator, and Quest GPOadmin!

Reduce GPOs

Combine Group Policy settings from many GPOs into just a few GPOs and specify which policies apply under what conditions

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