Policypak java Rules Manager


Java Rules Manager

Quickly Create And Deploy Java Deployment Rule Sets Using Group Policy

Block the unknown and bad Java applets while enabling required Java applets to execute.

Map the right website and Java applet to the right version of Java (writing native Java Deployment Rule Sets).

Manage Java for domain joined and non-domain joined machines quickly using Group Policy, your MDM service or PolicyPak Cloud.

Policy Highlights

Policypak Component Map

Map specific internal & external websites with Java applets to a specific version of Java.

Policypak Component Secure

Use the most secure version of Java for unknown websites.

Policypak Component Enable

Block all unknown Java applets.

policypak component Prevent

Use the precise version of Java for each specific website.

“PolicyPak allows us to confidently say yes to applications because we can now deploy them safely, with all of the settings configured dynamically within policy. We like partnering with PolicyPak because they understand the importance of providing a high level of service which is something that we value!”
Jon Bain, IT Services Team Leader, Crutchfield

Block All Websites With Java... With Some Exceptions.

  • Map websites to specific versions of Java
  • Ensure all Java websites are blocked.
  • Make Exceptions for known good websites

Use Java Rules Manager with your MDM solution

  • Works with any MDM like Microsoft Endpoint Manager or VMware Workspace one.
  • Works with domain-joined and non-domain joined machines.

Use Java Rules Manager with PolicyPak Cloud

  • Deliver PolicyPak Java Rules Manager settings using PolicyPak Cloud.
  • Works with domain-joined and non-domain joined machines.

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