Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops

PolicyPak simplifies the deployment, configuration, management, and security of Windows 10 & 11 and application settings for Citrix Endpoint Manager, Citrix Virtual Apps, Citrix Virtual Desktops, and more!

Consistence & Security

If you have a lot of end-users who rely on Citrix technologies, you know how important it is to create consistent user experiences and implement strong security standards. PolicyPak works hand-in-hand with Citrix to ensure desktops and application settings are perfectly in sync.

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“PolicyPak is one of very few pieces of software that really excites me and makes me want to put a sticker on my laptop. It is awesome and will make your life as a Citrix admin or engineer or architect much easier. PolicyPak has the Webster seal of approval. ”

Citrix Virtual Apps & Virtual Desktops

You’ve invested a lot in the Citrix apps and desktops experience. But how are you managing the settings in Windows and those apps themselves? When you need to manage your applications, the Windows desktop settings, Java, the Start Menu, and more, you’re ready to step up to PolicyPak.

Citrix Endpoint Manager

Citrix Endpoint Manager is an excellent Unified Endpoint (UEM) Solution. But it has no way to deliver real Group Policy settings or PolicyPak's unique settings. Fortunately, You can use PolicyPak MDM alongside Citrix CEM for a powerful combination to increase your endpoint management capabilities!

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“PolicyPak probably the best kept secret of the decade. It's simply a 'must have' for any RDSH admin. ”

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