Choosing the right edition for your organization

Comparing the differences between PolicyPak Group Policy, Cloud, and MDM Editions

One of the key features of PolicyPak products is their flexibility. They are designed to fit in with your systems, your workflow, and your existing infrastructure. The same applies to delivery methods: PolicyPak offers flexibility in how you deliver your settings to the desktops and applications that need managing.

Receive a Free MDM License with PolicyPak Group Policy Edition

When you're using PolicyPak Group Policy Edition, you get to also license your MDM environment. That’s right! You can immediately use PolicyPak with the Group Policy Edition as you transition to MDM.

TIP: You only need to pay for each machine one time; even if the machine is Hybrid Azure AD joined.

Gp and MDM

Which version is right for me?

PolicyPak has three editions: Group Policy, MDM and Cloud. Which one is right for you? Or maybe MORE than one version is right for you. Watch this video to learn about the differences between the versions and walk away knowing which one(s) you should trial.

PolicyPak MDM vs PolicyPak Cloud Decision

Use this decision tree to help you decide on how you should license PolicyPak: PolicyPak Group Policy method, PolicyPak MDM method, PolicyPak Cloud or a combination.

Flow Chart

All (or most) of my computers are domain-joined. What’s best for me?

If all or most the computers you’re working with are domain-joined, PolicyPak Group Policy Edition is best for you.

PolicyPak works with your existing Active Directory and however you currently deliver settings. So if you use Group Policy, SCCM, Altiris, KACE, Tivoli, or some other delivery method, then PolicyPak Group Policy Edition is for you.

If you have a handful of non-domain joined machines, you have two options:

  1. If you have an MDM service, use PolicyPak MDM Edition to manage your handful of non-domain joined machines.
  2. If you have NO MDM service, use PolicyPak Cloud Edition to manage a handful of non-domain joined machines.

All (or most) of my machines are non-domain-joined computers. What’s best for me?

If you’re a Managed Service Provider, or someone who has to maintain a lot of remote or non-domain-joined machines, PolicyPak Cloud Edition is best for you.

That being said, if you are already invested in an MDM service (like Airwatch, Intune or MobileIron) and want to deliver settings to those non-domain joined machines, then you can use PolicyPak MDM Edition.

Either choice enables you to deliver, update, enforce and remediate the whole range of PolicyPak Suite settings AND real Microsoft Group Policy settings over the internet – wherever your non-domain-joined machines are located. If you currently have some domain-joined machines or might have in the future, both editions will support those as well.

Which PolicyPak version supports which key features?

PolicyPak Group Policy


Group Policy Edition

PolicyPak MDM


MDM Edition

PolicyPak Cloud


Cloud Edition

Settings delivery to domain-joined machines Tick icon Tick icon Tick icon
Settings delivery to non-domain-joined machines Tick icon Tick icon
Compliance retained if machine goes offline Tick icon Tick icon Tick icon
Delivers settings via GPO Tick icon Tick icon
Delivers settings via PolicyPak Cloud Tick icon
Delivers settings via SCCM, and other on-prem tools Tick icon
Delivers settings via MDM Tick icon

Can PolicyPak Group Policy & MDM and/or PolicyPak Cloud Edition be used simultaneously?

Yes. PolicyPak Group Policy, MDM and PolicyPak Cloud work together perfectly. As seen in the graphic, policies are targeted specifically, or are simply merged together. If there’s a conflict, the on-prem directive (eg. Group Policy) wins.

Bonus: when you purchase a PolicyPak Cloud license, you automatically get a PolicyPak Group Policy license. Therefore, you can use either the PolicyPak Cloud to deliver your setting and/or, say, Group Policy or SCCM to deliver your setting (after the computer has consumed a PolicyPak Cloud license).

See diagram for How to license PolicyPak Group Policy method, PolicyPak MDM method, PolicyPak Cloud or a combination.

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