Manage & Secure Remote Work

Working remote may be considered the “new normal” for users, but IT may be missing the pieces necessary to deliver a secure, efficient, and compliant Windows 10 & 11 experience.

Lightweight Software Deployment

Need to deploy software? PolicyPak lets you eliminate the VPN and get software to your users now.

PolicyPak Remote Work Delivery Manager

  • Install software over the Internet.
  • Install software while on-prem.
  • User doesn’t need to be logged on.
  • User doesn’t need to be an admin.

Remove Local Admin Rights

Your users are going to be isolated which greatly challenges the ability to support them. This makes the idea of allotting standard users local admin rights very tempting.

PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager

Kill admin rights on your windows machines while elevating privileges when needed.

  • Elevate the specific applications your users need.
  • Give standard users access to Control Panel applets.
  • Enable standard users to install MSI applications.
  • Bypass UAC prompts with standard user rights.

Malware Prevention

Just because your Windows 10 & 11 machines will be outside of the network perimeter doesn’t mean they can’t be locked down.

PolicyPak SecureRunTM

Prevent malware by checking who owns a file, and referencing that user against a list of approved users who can initiate new processes. Because standard users are not on the “approved” list, PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager blocks them from installing malicious files.

Browser Management

While your company’s personnel may not be working collaboratively in optimal fashion, you can ensure that your cloud applications and mission critical websites do.

PolicyPak Browser Router

Kill the round robin browser battle.

  • Automatically launch the browser you mandate for specific websites.
  • Ensure that websites load in the most compatible and secure browser.
  • Stop the browser wars forever.
  • Dynamically apply IE 11 Compatibility and Enterprise modes.

Lightweight Web Filtering

Companies that utilize on premise web filtering may be scrambling to find a solution to block designated websites for their users.

Web Filtering: Everywhere

Companies that utilize only on-prem web filtering are scrambling to find a solution to block designated websites. With PolicyPak, it’s easy.

Application Management & Security

Just because users are at home doesn’t mean you have to give up jurisdiction of applications.

PolicyPak Application Manager

Configure and lockdown settings across enterprise applications your remote users utilize, like Firefox, Java, Flash, IE and Adobe.

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