Apps, Browsers & Java Security Pak

Manage and lockdown settings for applications, browsers, and Java to meet your specific security and compliance requirements. The PolicyPak Apps, Browsers, and Java Security Pak ensure that you retain full control of the settings that end-users utilize most often.

This Pak contains the following Policies:
Apps Browser Java

Lockdown Application, Browser, and Java Settings

Deploy and manage settings for applications, browsers, and Java. Prevent users from reconfiguring them.

End-users interact with applications, browsers, and Java more than any other resource on the Windows network. Therefore, locking down their settings is of critical importance for security and compliance.

The PolicyPak Apps, Browser, and Java Security Pak not only lets you secure settings but also prevents users from ever reconfiguring the settings you put in place.

“PolicyPak allows us to confidently say yes to applications because we can now deploy them safely, with all of the settings configured dynamically within policy. We like partnering with PolicyPak because they understand the importance of providing a high level of service which is something that we value!”
JON BAIN, IT Services Team Leader, Crutchfield

Apps, Browsers & Java Security Pak Ensures That You Retain Full Control of Resources That End-users Utilize Most Often

PolicyPak manages and locks down settings for applications, browsers, and Java to meet your specific security and compliance requirements.

Manage 500+ Preconfigured applications settings Tick Icon
Perform UI Lockdown & application reset Tick Icon
IE: Direct LAN settings, Certificates, merge IE Zone settings Tick Icon
Create your own Application Sets with the PolicyPak Design Studio checkmark Icon
Works with GPO, SCCM, MDM and Cloud checkmark Icon
Manage Multiple Browsers (aka “Ensure the right browser for the right website.”) Tick Icon
Block websites from opening in all browsers Tick Icon
Apply Default browser permanently, or one time and drift Tick Icon
Specify IE Enterprise, Document and Compatibility modes plus specify Sites to use “IE in Edge” mode Tick Icon
Works with GPO, SCCM, MDM and Cloud Tick Icon
Dictate specific Java for specific websites Tick Icon
Block all Java applets, and add by exception Tick Icon
Works with GPO, SCCM, MDM and Cloud Tick Icon

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PolicyPak Java Rules Manager quickly and easily creates a Java Enterprise Deployment Rule Set (DRS) on Windows endpoint machines. This tool allows you to leverage older Java versions and prevents you from incurring Java 11 license costs.

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What Internet Explorer Admins Don’t Know About Application Management

Internet Explorer is both a workhorse and a security risk; and the in-the-box toolset doesn’t give you the full control you need over its settings on your network. In this whitepaper, understand exactly what the standard tools from Microsoft can and cannot do,


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