Policypak Start Screen & Taskbar Manager


Start Screen & Taskbar Manager

Quickly Dictate What Applications Should Go Into What Windows 10 & 11 Start Screen Groups.

PolicyPak Start Screen & Taskbar Manager lets you place Desktop, Windows Universal and Edge tiles into your desired Start Screen groups and then keeps those groups locked so users cannot work around them. And if you want to pin (or remove) applications from the Start Menu or Taskbar, it couldn’t be easier

Policy Highlights

Policypak Component Control

Quickly mandate what applications go into what Windows 10 & 11 Start Screen groups and lock those settings down.

Policypak Component Organize

Craft the Windows 10 & 11 Start Screen menu to fit your organizations needs.

Policypak Component Deploy

Easily deliver the settings to your organization via he Cloud or your MDM provider.

Policypak Component Target

Create custom layouts for different organizations that get delivered automatically.

“We use PolicyPak Start Screen & Taskbar Manager to quickly control our Windows 10 & 11 Start Screen. We used to bake our Start Menu into the configuration, but as programs updated over time, icons would disappear and users started calling us. After an hour of installing and working with PolicyPak, we rolled out a nice and organized Start Menu look to all our users for our Windows 10 & 11 project.”
DAVID GANGER, IT Manager, Mid-City Supply Co., Inc.

Instantly Pin (Or Remove) Applications To The Windows Taskbar

  • Ensure users have quick access to your most important applications.
  • Don’t leave users to open support cases.

Use Item Level Targeting To Sense "Who Should Get What" Start Menu Items

  • Automatically add/remove icons based upon conditions.
  • Use “Smart policies” to sense what software is already deployed
  • Only show icons for software on the machine.

Deploy Windows 10 & 11 Start Screen & Taskbar Items With Your MDM Service.

  • Use your MDM service to have ONE policy which works for multiple scenarios.
  • Works with Intune, Workspace One and Citrix CEM to manage the Start Screen & Taskbar.

Deploy Windows 10 & 11 Start Screen & Taskbar Items Over The Internet.

  • Use PolicyPak Cloud to deliver exactly the right Start Screen and Taskbar settings over the Internet.
  • Reduce support cases so users can work from anywhere.

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