Policypak Software Package Manager


Software Package Manager

Deliver (and remove) any Windows Store app from Windows 10 & 11!

Banish “junkware” like Candy Crush from you Windows 10 & 11 Environment. Quickly remove unwanted built-in or user-added Microsoft Store applications (aka UWP / Windows Universal Applications). Likewise, quickly add any Windows Store applications which you want to ensure users have access to. Deploy applications quickly, or remove them by package name or all from a specific publisher.

Policy Highlights

Policypak Component Manage

Deploy any Windows store application

Policypak Component Deploy

Automatically deploy; without user interaction

Policypak Component Flexible

Specify which applications users can and cannot use

Policypak Component Automate

Uninstall downloaded software, games and unused in-box software

“I stopped users from playing Candy Crush and using Pandora at work in two clicks. There was literally no other software to remove just the Windows store applications I wanted from Windows 10, but keep others. Later I used PolicyPak Package Manager to deploy key business applications like Slack and Microsoft Power BI. Those applications automatically keep themselves updated. This is exactly what my boss has been asking for since Windows 10 & 11 came out !”
IT Admin, of Fortune 500 company

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